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It’s Lit! 📚

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Hi Friends,

Most of us have started and gotten through the introduction including the first 4 chapters.

Evolution , Karma , Reverence and Heart.

I'd like to share with you the link to the 25th Anniversary edition TSOTS study guide extension and meditations. I encourage you to use it as well as began to think about the questions the author asks and be prepared to explore those answers on our next literary link up.

If you hadn't already the author suggests to start journaling your thoughts and emotions while reading. These exercises are designed to deepen our understanding and how to better apply it to our lives. 

“No understanding of evolution is adequate that does not have at its core that we are on a journey toward authentic power, and that authentic empowerment is the goal of our evolutionary process and the purpose of our being.”

- Gary Zukav

Stay LIT 🔥

Andy, B



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