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What People Say…



Best yoga teacher! I have done yoga many times before but never liked it until practicing with *The Yoga Kickback! Challenging but fun. I feel like every practice is a breath of fresh air!



Your classes are many breaths of freshest air. It’s always a calm to my spirit and my day! Continue to show us how to breath with our bodies. *The Kickback is amazing.



What’s not to recommend about The Yoga Kickback?! 


Good music ✅

Amazing instructor ✅

A space to just breathe ✅


Honestly, I didn’t expect Candace and The Yoga Kickback to steal my heart and save my life! I’d attended a few of the sessions downtown over the summer and had FINALLY enjoyed yoga for the first time. But, while I enjoyed it, I was also distracted and just as quickly as I picked up the mat I put it down. Long story short, a little before winter life was whooping me and I remembered The Yoga Kickback! I’ve found my practice yall... I’ve found my yoga home! 


It’d truly a space to laugh, cry, BE! It’s church on Sunday, ice cream after a break up, a hug from your grandma when you’re having a bad day.

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