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Mar 11, 2024 - Mar 31, 2024

March Mat Madness

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March Mat Madness is a virtual yoga series designed to bring the benefits of yoga directly to you. Join me EVERYDAY for 21 Days geared for a rejuvenating 15-minute yoga class. Why this works: Convenience Daily Sessions Virtual Connection Perfect for Beginners Private Group Access: Enjoy the sessions within our exclusive private group, ensuring a supportive and intimate community environment. Post Your questions, your practice, and Engage! Beginners: New to yoga? This series is perfect for those looking to start their practice. Busy Individuals: For those with a hectic schedule, these short sessions fit seamlessly into your day. Studio Enthusiasts: Even if you love the studio, this virtual option provides an alternative on days when attending in person is challenging. Let's make March a month of mindful movement, flexibility, and well-being.

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March Mat Madness, $21.00

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March Mat Madness

March Mat Madness

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